Victory Gardens

06.LasVegas 01106.LasVegas 012We’ve been having a cool, rainy Spring and my garden is loving it! This year it’s truly a victory garden, bursting with plants I brought back from my grandparents farm in Pennsylvania, daisies my mother gave me from her garden and heirloom hollyhocks, delphiniums, tomatoes, and herbs, squash and cucumbers that can’t ripen soon enough.

My grandmothers gardens were always freeform – she’d throw out seeds or add plants here and there and just see what would come up. She also kept dairies of what was new and the weather every day as well as what was new in the garden. My grandfather on the other hand was the keeper of the vegetable gardens and everything had to be in straight, organized rows and carefully documented so he’d know what to plant the coming years. We spent many happy summers shucking peas, lima beans and corn on the front porch.

I guess I favor my grandmother. Part of the fun of having a garden for me is letting some things go to seed and see what comes up the next year. Plus I love the organized chaos   that rewards me every year with gifts that I can enjoy and share with friends and family.

With this economy and the challenges we all face, being able to have my home and being able to enjoy it is truly a victory that I intend to enjoy and appreciate every day.